5 Ways a School Assembly Can Positively Impact Students

Teenagers today are facing challenges and pressures that leave them feeling overwhelmed and, at times, hopeless. With the number of suicide attempts and hospitalizations on the rise, educators are looking for more ways to positively impact students. A school assembly is one of the most powerful ways to help students who are dealing with issues like bullying, suicide, and self-harm. Below are five ways a school assembly can change students’ lives for the better.

1. Break Up Their Routine

While routines are generally a good thing, occasionally breaking them up can be very effective. A school assembly can help get students out of a rut and allow them to experience something new and unexpected. They think it’s going to be a normal Wednesday and then they end up at a school assembly, feeling inspired and challenged. Best-selling author Mark Batterson puts it this way, “A change of pace plus a change of place equals a change of perspective.” Teenagers today desperately need a change of perspective.

2. Show Them They Have Hope

“There is always hope” is one of the key messages of Youth Leadership Collective’s school assembly presentation. Whether you realize it or not, students don’t hear this often enough. Many students struggle with thoughts of self-harm or suicide because they feel an overwhelming sense of despair. They need to know that suicide is never the answer and that, as long as they are still breathing, there is hope for tomorrow.

3. Teach Them How to Deal with Bullying

Unfortunately, bullying is a prevalent issue across schools in America. The rise of social media has only made this issue more severe. Youth Leadership Collective’s school assembly program addresses this issue by teaching students how to respond to bullying. Students feel empowered when they understand that people may disrespect them, but it doesn’t change who they are. When they understand that they have purpose, bullies no longer have power over them. 

4. Start Conversations with Teachers & Administrators

It only takes one spark to start a fire. In the same way, sometimes all it takes is one event to get a student to open up about what they are going through. Assemblies encourage students to confide in a trusted adult if they are thinking about hurting themselves or someone else. For many students, their teachers might be the only trusted adults in their lives. The first 48 hours after an assembly are critical because students are most likely to share about what they are going through.

5. Inspire Them to Think Differently About Their Future

You can change a teenager’s life by simply changing their mindset. Assemblies are a great way to help them think more positively about their lives, especially about their futures. Instead of going through life making bad choices, they can learn that their choices have a direct effect on their future. This causes them to look at everything in a different light. They begin to understand the importance of getting good grades and following the rules. They also discover that their choices affect those around them. Our assemblies teach them that, through acts of kindness, they can change the world.

Changing your school for the better can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. These are just a few of the many ways that a school assembly can have a lasting impact on your students. They will experience hope, discover purpose, and gain a fresh perspective on their lives. They will also be compelled to treat others with kindness and respect. To book a school assembly, contact Youth Leadership Collective today.

Will Hutch

Will Hutch is a motivational speaker, author, and mental health advocate. He is founder and president of Curate Hope, a nonprofit organization that partners with educators and parents to help heal anxiety and despair in kids and teens.

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