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What do we do for

student live presentations?

The last few years have been really heavy for many. Part of what we do is help to laugh.  Students need laughter. They need to have fun.

That’s why we start every assembly with a dance party.

Every word is intentional. We developed our words and key messaging with a group of writers. Every program we do is reviewed and edited by our mental health advisors.


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Curate Hope presentations are Mental Health Awareness Programs. Our curriculum also meets the requirements for most states, including Florida, for Mental Health Awareness Programs within Public Schools. Please fill out the form and let us know if you have budget constraints. While we can not guarantee supplemental funding for your organization, because of our amazing donors, we are often able to help reduce costs. Also, community groups are great partners for mental health programs.

We will quote you the best price available, and you do not have to pay travel costs. Most of our speakers range from $2k-$7k; however, if you are flexible on your event date or choose a time frame that a speaker or speaking team is already in your area, we can help you save money.

We can let you know. Sometimes we are able to group multiple schools in one day reducing our travel costs. Let us know you are interested and we will find a few dates that we are in your area.

No problem. We can help find a date that works best for you. Often if a school in an area is interested in bringing us in, we are able to find other schools and organizations to create a mini-tour. It's best to get the conversation started as soon as possible.

We have worked with hundreds of schools and organizations around the globe. Ranging from public schools, private schools, charter schools, faith-based schools, technical colleges, universities, parent-teacher administrations, and professional development for school districts.