Be More Human

More and more we are hungry to follow leaders who are human.

Recently I was meeting with a group of Next Gen leaders and we were talking about a problem one of them was having and whether or not he should share the problem with his church and leadership.

One of the leaders asserted, “You should never let them (the people we lead) know the ship is sinking!”

Never show weakness. Never show struggle. Never utter the disgraceful words, “I don’t know.” Never let them in on the doubts and questions that every leader faces.

That’s one way to do it.

But probably a way that will lead to teaching those who follow us that perfection is the goal of life. But lets be honest and vulnerable for moment…

Perfection is a myth.

People are hungry for leaders who are real. Leaders who are human. Leaders who are willing to be equally bold about their weaknesses as they are about their strengths. Not in an emotionally enmeshing way. But in a way that says, here’s the problem, here is how I fell about it, so lets solve this together.

Jim Collins noted in his book Good to Great, that top-level leaders he studied had one thing in common: humility. Humility and vulnerability go hand and hand.

Vulnerability will lead to:


Vulnerability is the new strong. It’s courageous. People follow courageous leaders. So be courageously human.

How can you exemplify vulnerability this week?

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Will Hutch

Will Hutch is a motivational speaker, author, and mental health advocate. He is founder and president of Curate Hope, a nonprofit organization that partners with educators and parents to help heal anxiety and despair in kids and teens.

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