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“You became an educator because you care about kids. But in today’s culture, to make an impact, you can’t see yourself as only an educator, but a mentor.”

The Youth Leadership Collective School Mentoring Strategy:


Select 12 to 20 - 25 minute blocks in the school year calendar


Organize every student into a mentor group lead by a faculty member


Select your topics and create conversations the build lasting relationships

each spark topic


Discussion questions

Facilitator guide

A 2 minute Teacher set up video

A 5 to 7 minute topic intro video

Activities and challenges to help students apply the lesson

It’s more than a curriculum... it’s a strategy



One on one help with other school administrators who have implemented in-school mentoring groups

Administrative materials to organize and manage your groups

Faculty training on how to facilitate a mentoring team

Access to over 25 different emotional-social learning topics you choose based on your school needs

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We want every school in America to have a school-wide mentoring program, because we know it works.

As a non-profit, we are driven by impact, not by money, so we’ve worked hard to make Spark Curriculum available to every school.

Our prices vary based on the size of your school.



500 or less

              $700 for one year subscription


             $1,200 for one year subscription


             $2,400 for one year subscription