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Everyone needs someone to cheer them on, encourage them, and challenge them to grow... including parents.

You don't have to do it alone.

Parenting is the hardest job on the planet. Unfortunately, in our culture, parents often feel alone navigating the challenges of a growing kid and an ever changing culture.


Our virtual parent coaching provides parents with:

Monthly Coaching Call

Virtual coaching call with Parent Coach Janis Meredith


A community of other parents to share ideas, tips, & tools


Personal one-on-one access to your coach and personalized resources


Topics that matter to you and your teen to keep you ahead of an ever changing culture


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June, July, August

Second Tuesday of the month.

8pm EST to 10pm EST

Next group is starting JUNE 11, 2019

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$49 / month for 3 months

AND because we believe in parents and want to encourage you, we've added a FREE copy of our book 'Do you See Me?'



As a mother to three amazing kids and the youngest of six myself, I am passionate about families.

I believe strongly that families who are unified and strong can have a great impact on this world. I’m more than a family coach; I’m a family advocate. I understand and value the family unit, and I’ve dedicated my entire career to laying foundations today, that will raise tomorrow’s champions.

Not only do I love families, I am:

  • Trained and licensed as a life coach
  • Written on subject of parenting for many years for many publications
  • Published 7 ebooks and one paperbackebook

By partnering with me, you can lay the groundwork to raise children who are strong, compassionate, trustworthy and full of integrity, a family that will make you proud!

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