change your students.

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Partnering with educators to heal despair through school assemblies, teacher trainings, and parent workshops.




Reduce bullying

Students will learn the importance of having compassion and treating others with kindness.

Prevent suicide

Students will learn that suicide is not the answer to their problems, and that help is available.

Inspire hope

Students will be inspired to make positive choices and reach out to the people around them.

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“Curate Hope’s assembly was right on point with our student population.  Several students and teachers said it was the BEST ASSEMBLY we ever had!  All grades loved it; very entertaining, current, and meaningful.”

Michele Stanford
Assistant Principal - Fort Myers High School

“Will’s message consists of respect, non-bullying, gratitude, and a general love for one another speaks volumes in this day of disrespect. His is a message to be heard by high school and middle school students”

David LaRosa
Principal - Lee County School District

Curate Hope is inspiring and connects well with students. Their program has left a lasting impact on my students. I would highly recommend you checking this program out.

Chuck Vilardi‎
Principal Sanibel School

It was an absolute pleasure to have Curate Hope present "Flip the Script" to our 5th-8th students. Their engagement and authenticity really shined through. It was the perfect message out students needed to hear. We can't wait to have them back in the Spring!  

Samantha Feilds
Assistant Principal Six Mile Charter

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Curate Hope?

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the teen suicide rate and problems teens are facing in your school. At times you probably wonder, “How can I address these problems on top of all of my other responsibilities?” We get it. We know you want to do the best you can for your students with the resources available to you. We also know you’ve got more on your to-do list than you have hours in the day. Helping your students find hope doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. That’s why we design each school assembly to be impact for your students and low stress for you. Once your school assembly is booked, we’ll send you everything you need, including a minute by minute run sheet for the program. Simply book us for a school assembly and let us handle the rest. Your students will hear a message of hope, and you’ll know that you’ve done everything in your power to reduce suicide, bullying, and despair.

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We work with schools and organizations of all sizes and budgets. Don’t let your budget stop you from reaching out, as we do our best to work within your budget. The best thing to do is fill out a contact form to start the conversation.